Hi, I'm MarLeice 

Hi! I am MarLeice Hyde, MSN, RN, CTIH.   I erase pain!   I use,  teach, and distribute Microcurrent Biofeedback Neuromodulation therapy devices from Avazzia/AvazziaLife, certify Practitioners, and coach clients to progress through the Five Pillars of Erasing Pain for Holistic Healing. 

I own and operate the Erasing Pain Holistic Healing Center currently located in Sacramento, California but I will be partnering with other locations in the future. 

Let's collaborate to help you get started. I really look forward to connecting with you!

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What makes Me Different

 Avazzia/AvazziaLife Microcurrent Devices speak the correct bioelectric language at the precise volume the body needs for direct, cellular-level two-way communication to dramatically initiate and exponentially speed up the healing process.


 "A little update on my progress after having treatment yesterday. All chest congestion gone. Nasal passages clear. Feeling great. Energy levels are up. Slept like a brick. Even some minor persistent aches and pains have lightened or completely gone away. I'd call this a total and effective success. Thank you my people at Erasing Pain!"      

-Nick Maniaci

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